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In July 2010, Tray Gourmet was asked to recreate the food of a French 1930’s Brasserie in the set of Martin Scorsese new 3D film HUGO which has it US debut on 28 November 2011 and the UK release on the 2nd

Part of the movie is situated in the Brasserie in a Parisian Railway Station in the 1930 and Tray Gourmet was asked to replicate the type of food you will find in such establishement as the Brasserie Lipp:  Haren Pomme a l’huile, Terrine de Porc Richelieu, Oeuf en Gelée, as well as Boeuf Bourguignon, or Profiteroles au chocolat.It was a great experience to be able to see the way a film is created and far from what the live of a Brasserie kitchen is normaly.

This is the trailer.

Watch the BIG Cake….. Produced by our chef Thomas…

The picture has been released with great acclaim in the US and the UK Check this website for info

A great experience has been to be involved in the making of a Film by one of the world’s greatest Director Martin Scorsese …  HUGO. A story by a young American writer Brian Selznick taken from the life of the French B/W cinemas Georges Méliès  The life of making a movie is somewhat so different than the live of creating a meal. The speed in which is is created a so different from the one we live in our kitchen. See more here

Wirh Thomas Maeili  and  THE cake as seen on the filem