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Working for

Order Form Instructions

On the Side of our Order Form you have some important information / instruction to how to fill this up.

Who place the order and how can we contact you.

Where do we have to deliver this order

If several time during the day use the tabulation at the bottom of the spreadsheet for each time. (You can edit the Time 1 with the time you want 930 / 1215

In Total the Total of all your order will be sh calculated

 Once you  indicate the number of guests all the lines are being calculated.

If you don’t want an item, just type 0, or you can edit and add more or less/

Coffee for 12 =  3 Flask Decide what you want but we can decide for you.

When you have calculated the cost of your order. Submit it to Accounts Payable to get a PURCHASE ORDER.

Send your order to and we do the rest.