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We are offering all NHS staff

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A 10% discount

On our Take Away selection

(Sandwiches, Quiches and Salads)

On presentation of your NHS card


Last October we carried out a small survey to find out what your thoughts were about Tray Gourmet and what you knew or not about us.

First it will be no surprise to learn that we scored high on our friendly services that makes the difference. This is thanks to my great team. Members.

You also were surprised by the way we work. So here are a few reminders of the way Tray Gourmet work works. At, Tray Gourmet,we:

This is what you like about Tray Gourmet.

Our catering services is the same, we customise to what YOU want, and this is what you love about Tray Gourmet.

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