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Links to Sites of Interest

Tray Gourmet® has selected a number of web sites that for some different reasons we liked and hope you will like them to.

For a bite of magic to spice up an event do contact

We are following and helping a few charities organisation which are for their work amazing.

Give a minute of your time to check them out


GIVE them your support. You will be enriched by their experiences.

Facing the World is a British Charity that offers facial reconstructive surgery to children with severe facial disfigurements and have no access to treatment in their own countries. Our medical team donate their services. They fundraise to cover costs

 Their lives are transformed.

SoldierOn is the brainchild of Nicholas Harrison to helping wounded veteran into employment.  

I have met Maggie Doyne, an American girl through Facing The World as she brought in London a small Nepalese girl. Maggie at the young age of 19 traveled the world during her Gap year and end up in Nepal where with her babysitting pocket money bought a piece of land and created single handed, an orphanage for 40 kids. Now 25 she has added a school for 300 Nepalese and she will not rest there and she is now adding a secondary school.

Her blog is an amazing journey. She has received accolades from her fellow Americans at  Read her blog it is love and determination. Warnning: have a handkerchief ready. But PLEASE, Help her the way you can.  Click tobe balled over!

Would you like a wedding in the country then check this delightfully place in DEVON.