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July 2010

2 Funerals and a Movie

As a caterer, we are asked to do different things and our challenge is to make them happen as best as we can.

This summer in addition to a very successful Garden Party for some 200 plus people, we have been asked to do catering for 2 funerals and to do some catering for a movie... Not for the cast but to be shown in the movie. That was exiting!

Unfortunately, I can not tell you too much about the movie but I can tell you that it is a movie about a very old French Cineaste called Georges Méliès. He was a magician, an automate collector and created some amazing movies in the 1900’s. Unfortunately he died poor and finished his life selling toys in a French Railway station. The title of the film / book is The Invention of Hugo Cabret by a young American author Brian Selznick. For more detail about the book and the film go to this link.

The movie is directed by no less than Martin Scorsese and feature: Ben Kingsley,   Sacha Baron Cohen, Frances de Latour, Richard Griffith, to name just a few.

I am not allowed to tell you what we have done for the movie and you will have to wait the film release in November 2011. But to provide food for a children fantasy film in 3D was a great experience.

They truly do not work the same way as we do in the catering industry but the magic is awesome.                       Have a great summer.          Nicolas

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